Appeal to Customer Halal India

  • Please look for only Halal certified Restaurants/Hotels/products.
  • Lookout for any display of valid and original Halal India certificate (please do it even if you have patronized the premises before). If certificate found, check the Expiry date of the certificate.
  • Among Indian Restaurants/Hotels/brands/market, there is no trend of putting halal logo even if they are halal certified. So the consumer needs to call/e-mail the consumer cell of Restaurant/Hotel or Brand for ascertaining whether the product is halal certified or not. Ask them to furnish you an e-mail with Halal Certificate.
  • Please check whether the food product contains any substances which might not be Halal, like Gelatin, Emulsifier etc. Please verify with the Halal E-code / Ingredient list. Free Halal Guide with E-codes and Ingredients list are available on Halal India website.

Halal India has years of experience in developing and implementing Halal Certification System. You can easily track a Halal India certified Restaurant/product/company. Just see the Halal Certificate number on Top of the certificate, log onto the website and enter the certificate no. in the Certificate tracking system. The details will pop-up of the restaurant or product with information of the expiry date of the certificate. Halal India will also launch SMS service soon for the convenience of Halal Consumer.