Halal India & Food Safety Food safety

Did you know that New Regulations for food safety will come into effect by 5th August 2011!!???
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Halal India dedicates itself and vows to support the Indian government in spreading awareness among Food business operators (FBO) and consumers. Our Halal Certification Standards have fully integrated all food safety laws of India, apart from adopting the International Halal Integrity Alliance (IHIA) standards, which is an International standardizing body for Halal appointed by OIC countries. Our mechanism is attracting number of businessmen because instead of scaring people of disease (consumers), penalty (FBO), we make a fresh approach and show consumers the health and lifestyle enhancement and to the FBO business growth benefits. After obtaining Halal India Certificate, business of the FBO grows significantly due to a concept implemented by Halal India called Halal Friendly Tourism.


  • is safe for human consumption.
  • promotes and is symbol of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Is environment friendly
  • Cares for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Promotes fair trade.
  • If the chicken is Halal that does not mean that kitchen is Halal.
  • 100 % Vegetarian does not mean Halal.
  • Written 100 % Halal does not mean Halal.
  • Ingredient written in Arabic does not mean Halal.
  • Sold or bought from Muslim shop does not mean Halal.
  • Manufactured or bought from Muslim country does not mean Halal.