Halal Friendly Tourism Halal India

Every traveller, when moving out from his country of residence and goes out to a foreign place, he/she has some basic needs to be fulfilled. Apart from these basic needs, there could be other needs which, if fulfilled, will enhance his/her experience of travel and would make them feel comfortable and at home. Based on the above statement, when Muslims (attention of non-muslims are also required on this point) move out from their original place and move out to a foreign place, they have some basic requirements. The minimal basic requirement for a practising Muslim is Food and Prayer facilities, without these two, a muslim might not feel comfortable journeying to that destiny or even may cancel his or her trip. It is integral part of Muslims daily life. Therefore, following basic requirement is there for a Muslim traveller:

  • Halal Food with full Assurance (Halal Certified Food by a competent Halal Authority)
  • Prayer Hall in the Hotel or building Premises
  • Qibla direction pasted or signified in the room to ascertain the direction of prayer
  • Prayer mats
  • Local Prayer timings list
  • Copy of Quran
  • Ramadan related Services

These mentioned services could be the basic need for a Muslim traveller. Hotels which provide all these services or some of these services can be called as Halal Friendly Hotels.

Apart from these services, there are other services which make the experience of the traveller better. Like if the Hotel reception has list of nearby mosques or city mosques for Friday prayers with timing. The reception could also keep the list of Halal certified restaurants in the vicinity or a Halal guide which covers the list Halal certified restaurants in the city and other places of interest for Muslims ( Muslim Culture or Art Museum, a beach with no nudity !!!) In similar context, Halal Friendly Medical destination may be having all or few Halal services. As in Hotel, in hospitals also Food and Prayer facilities would be key factor to be Halal Friendly Hospital. Extra care is needed here for female patients, only female doctors can do checkups and treatments where touch of body parts is required. This practice shall be implemented as much as possible for the comfort of patients.

Observing closely we can see that lot of services are mentioned which will attract non-muslims also due to simplicity and tranquillity. Like in a hotel there would be family friendly atmosphere, or in Hospitals women's privacy is safe guarded to a greater extent. Values behind Halal is also attracting non-Muslim consumers worldwide.

Other Halal Friendly Services

On the same concept mentioned above any facility can be a Halal Friendly facility. A shop which has few of the Halal friendly services, for example, a small clean space for prayer, where customers can pray if the times comes, can be called a Halal Friendly Shop. A shopping mall where prayer hall is provided, or there are significantly large number of shops inside selling Muslim related products Hijabs, Abayas, Niqabs, Halal certified products etc can be flaunted as Halal Friendly Shopping Mall. This concept is gigantic as it can be applied to stadiums, cruise ships, buses and trains, roads also!!!!